How appmixer pricing works

AppMixer pricing is based on a unique "pay-as-you-go" system which allows you to personalize your usage parameters and pay only for what you need.

The Lite plan comes with fixed settings and limited usage, while the Custom and Enterprise plans offer more flexibility and the option to pay-as-you-go for actual use. You can use the sliders in your account to see a cost estimate, but they don't limit usage.

For example, let's say that you create a mix wherein each time a contact is created or updated in Highrise CRM, AppMixer sends the contact to MailChimp.

The Messages setting is the data "message" which flows between two connectors. In this example, the contact that is sent from Highrise to MailChimp.

The Connectors setting is the number of connectors that you have in your active mixes. In this example, the 2 active connectors are Highrise and MailChimp.

The Number Of Mixes setting is the maximum number of mixes which can run simultaneously. In this example we have 1 mix and you can tell that it's running by the red Stop Flow button (versus a green Start Flow button when a mix is stopped).

It's that simple!
Depending on which plan you choose you can adjust these settings to your needs, and settings and plans can be changed or cancelled at any time.
(note: the Polling Time setting is currently fixed for all users, although this will change with a future update)

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