Synchronize and track data between your cloud apps

Simply drag & drop apps and APIs then connect them with links to create custom mixes.

Monitor data and activity in real time with detailed reporting and metrics tools.

Multiple triggers and actions can exist within a single mix for sophisticated workflows.

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get your apps speaking the same language through Automated workflows

Your favorite apps and services connected in a quick and intuitive way.
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We're continually adding more connectors.
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flexible payment options for individuals and organizations

To get started, choose from one of the following plans.
Pay only for what you need, change at any time.

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Essential functionality with some usage limitations.
Recommended for new and low resource users.
€15/mo.  (fixed settings and usage)

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Full functionality with the option to customize
usage settings and pay-as-you-go.
€20+/mo.  (flexible settings and usage)

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Complete functionality and flexibility with options
for custom connectors, priority support, and more.
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